Site Screenshots & Features List

"Competition and Cost-efficiency go hand in hand. We are efficient in the later hence we surpass the former."                                                                                                              --Innovizia Developers

The following features are available for every website(including basic):

  • Mouse Detection Technique
  • Visitor Activity Tracker
  • Easy Upload for Gallery Pictures (Even for Static Site)
  • 5 Years Hosting Free
  • 5 Years Domain Free
  • Platform Independence - Any Browser, Any Device
  • Search Engine Optimized (Basic)
  • Interface Strategy
  • Mobile Updation

Testimonials on Websites

  • Time is Money. My website has more than 200 products and pages; But Innovizia delivered me well within the time. The content they wrote in our About Page needs to be appreciated.

    Vinay Bhatt, MD, EKS Filters(Asia's Largest Filter Distributors)
  • We asked Innovizia for a basic website. When they delivered the site, I had to reconfirm if this was basic for them. I loved the onhover mouse effects and full screen welcome.

    Bulchand Manik, President, Nityanand Charities

Testimonials on Allied Works

  • Highly cost-efficient. Today every customer entering our shop listens/watches the continuous video advertisement they have made & it has helped us shoot sales incredibly.

    Bhavesh Parekh, Director, Chairking
  • We had seen various logo samples from many agencies, but the first sample Innovizia showed us, we went ahead. This is the difference a true creative or innovative firm makes.

    Moazzam Loynmoon, MD, Allwind Technologies